Rin Namiki (波黄 凛 Namaki Rin) is the main character in Kandagawa Jet Girls. She moves to Tokyo to take part in Kandagawa jet racing where she participates with Misa Aoi.


She has medium length brown hair and the same olive green colored eyes as Furuki. Rin is seen wearing a dark pink sleeveless top and a yellow five petal hair clip on the left side of her hair, and a light blue one on the right.

Personality Edit

Rin is very enthusiastic on her interests ranging from Kandagawa jet racing to people she is fond of. She points out things that interest her and is polite to others.

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Rin is from the Asakusa Girls High School. She attends it together with Misa Aoi. Her mother was a legendary Jetter. Rin moved from the countryside to Asakusa in Tokyo to pursue her dreams and met Misa Aoi there.

Kandagawa Jet Girls Plot Edit

Episode 1: The Kandagawa is Calling Edit

Rin is a young girl and hears her mother is on TV. She heads to watch her as the Japanese jet racing world championships is being reported sliding in on a large dolphin plush toy.

At a later date Rin appears older but has kept her devotion to Furuki.

With her father at a pier, Rin discusses heading to Tokyo set on Kandagawa. She takes a ferry and then an aeroplane by herself.

After meeting new people at an event a text reminds her she was supposed to head straight to her dorm. Rin is unable to find it and then she realizes that her bag has been stolen but she is capable of catching up to the thief. She comes across Misa Aoi and with her help gets her possessions back.

Making it to the dorm Rin is happy to find Misa there once again and they will be sharing the same room.

Finding Misa fishing she covers her eyes and asks her to guess who. Rin will not budge when Kaguya Shinjūin arrives at the dock and expects them to leave simply because she and her group are there.

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Misa Aoi Edit

Rin first comes across Misa when her bag is stolen by a thief who Misa trips up. Rin can recognize her smell and is keen on them being friends. Rin elects for them both to take part in a Kandagawa race together.

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